Siblings Belong Together

Siblings Belong Together

We all know that sibling relationships can be lifelong ties. We share all aspects of growing up with our siblings, through all joys and pains. Imagine not having that sibling next to you through a traumatic event as a child. Unfortunately, that’s what happens to most children with siblings in foster care, who have already experienced trauma from maltreatment and removal from their home.

When Siblings are Separated

Over 70% of children in foster care have siblings. Sadly, over half are split up into different foster care environments. When children can’t be with their siblings, they don’t just miss out on another biological connection in the moment. Long-term separation can also impact their ability to stay connected in adulthood. Sibling separation can also compound feelings of worry, stress, loneliness, and loss of identity.

When Siblings Stay Together

Keeping siblings together is a protective factor: children do better when they are with their siblings. The Children’s Bureau lists several positive outcomes to show that siblings belong together.

  • Improved mental health: less anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems
  • Better school performance
  • Closer relationships to foster/adoptive families
  • Easier transition into foster/adoptive homes
  • Increased likelihood of permanency and stability

Children lose a lot when they enter foster care. As a result, being close to their siblings is a lifeline when they need it most. This video interview with teens gives an eye-opening perspective about why siblings belong together in foster care.

How Can I Help?

We need parents who want to foster or adopt sibling groups. If you could be that family, please join our next virtual Information Meeting to learn about foster care or adoption. Already have your foster license? Tell your agency coordinator that you want to help a sibling group in need.