Permanency Support FAQs

Does Arms Wide provide a support system once the family has gone to court to finalize their adoption?

Yes! Once the adoption has been finalized, the Arms Wide post adoption staff confirm the family is eligible for services and meet face-to-face to develop a plan of service with the family. Then the post adoption staff work to find support services that will be helpful to the family and assist with connection to other adoptive families. The Arms Wide staff in the Houston area and in the South Texas area provide a variety of post adoption services aimed at ensuring the long-term success of all adoptive families. At Arms Wide, our compassionate staff are prepared to guide you toward the resources most needed for your family.

Who do I contact in South Texas for permanency support?

The contact person for South Texas is Delia Lopez and she can be reached at 361-850-8200. Arms Wide’s toll-free number, 1-800-460-6298, may also be contacted and we can ensure you are connected with the appropriate contact person from there in order to receive the help you’re seeking.

Do permanency staff speak Spanish?

Yes, Arms Wide’s Post Adoption / Post Permanency staff recognize the importance of avoiding potential language barriers when services are delivered. There are English/Spanish bilingual staff serving families in the Houston area and in the South Texas area. The dedicated staff at Arms Wide will work with post adoption and post permanency families to find therapeutic community services, regardless of the family’s preferred language.

Who is eligible for post adoption services?

Any family who has an adopted child under age 18, who was in the custody of  Texas’ foster care system administered by DFPS at the time of the adoption and whose adoption has been legally finalized is eligible for post adoption services. A family who meets this criteria but has moved out of state after the adoption was finalized is also eligible for post adoption services.

Does Arms Wide provide a support system for the family that has been appointed Permanent Managing Conservatorship of a child?

Yes! We know that the completion of the court process is not the end of the road for families. To be successful, families who are granted PMC of a child/ren from DFPS are eligible to receive ongoing support, guidance, and resources until the youngest PMC child turns 18 years old. All services are provided without cost to the PMC family. Services are available in English and Spanish.

Who is eligible for post permanency services?

Post Permanency support may be provided to a family that lives in designated counties, has been appointed PMC of a child from DFPS, may or may not be a recipient of Permanency Care Assistance and the youngest child (PMC) is under age 18.