5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Greater Houston Information Meeting

Have you ever considered fostering or becoming an adoptive parent, but you didn’t know whom to call or what to ask? Well, Arms Wide Adoption Services has weekly information meetings to help walk you through the foster care and adoption processes. Read on to discover why attending an information meeting is the best way to help you decide if fostering or becoming an adoptive parent is right for you and your family.

1. It’s Free!

It’s the first required step in becoming a foster or adoptive parent with Arms Wide Adoption Services. We provide information meetings in various locations in the Greater Houston and South Texas areas to make it easier for prospective parents to attend. (Pssst… we have snacks, too!)

2. You’re Informed About The Process From Experts

Information meetings are held by staff members from the family recruitment and training team. They walk you through the foster care and adoption processes, so it is not overwhelming – it’s encouraging and supportive.

3. You’ll Meet Other Families Just Like You!

Next, you get the opportunity to have personal interactions with other families interested in foster care and/or adoption. You’ll meet loving, kind prospective parents eager to learn and expand their knowledge to transform the lives of children in need of safe and nurturing adoptive families.

4. You Can Ask Questions That Apply To You

Many families have many questions that are specific to their situation, whether they are related to being a single parent, integrating the child into the home, or how to bond and nurture your child. These topics are most efficiently dealt with in-person. You can ask questions to better gauge the foster care, adoption, post adoption, and post permanency services we provide in a group setting or one-on-one, if you prefer.

5. We Appreciate You!

Lastly, attending our information meeting means that you have a loving open heart, and we thank you for considering Arms Wide Adoption Services to walk beside you through this journey.

Bonus Tips:

  • Pre-register to attend here, so Arms Wide can appropriately prepare for the event.
  • Bring prepared questions, so you can leave feeling you go the most out of your information meeting.
  • Read Family Spotlights to learn about the families we serve through Arms Wide Adoption Services.
  • Lastly, follow Arms Wide Adoption Services on social media to stay informed.

About The Author

As the Spring 2019 Marketing Intern, Meerber Ojoch will assist with coordinating social media outreach, collaborating with program staff to write blog posts, implement recruitment ideas and activities to the Family Recruitment team, and help leverage Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) and Foster Care Month (May). Read more about Meer here.