November is National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month and National Adoption Day

With the turn of the calendar to November, Arms Wide Adoption Services will join other organizations across the country in recognizing National Adoption Month, as well as National Adoption Day. National Adoption Month is a nationwide effort to educate the public and prospective parents on the struggles many adoption eligible children face in finding a family and how they can help, as well as a celebration of adoption success stories.

National Adoption Day is a one-day, focused collaboration between policymakers and advocates to facilitate the finalization of adoptions in progress and to honor the many wonderful families who have been created through adoption. In 2019, thousands of children were adopted on National Adoption Day across the United States. This year, National Adoption Day will be observed on Saturday, November 21.

Both events strive to raise awareness of the thousands of children eligible for adoption in the U.S. They are waiting for a permanent home and may continue waiting for months or even years more.

Spread The Word

Even though National Adoption Day may look different this year due to COVID-19, we encourage you to join us in raising awareness and uplifting adoptions from foster care. You can show your support by posting photos from virtual adoptions or past events on social media as well as information about the urgent need for foster care adoption in the United States. Use the hashtags #nationaladoptionday and #fulfillingfamilies and don’t forget to tag Arms Wide Adoption Services!

“Year after year, we look forward to National Adoption Month, because everyone at Arms Wide Adoption Services knows the transformative impact adoption can have on children and families,” said DeJuana S. Jernigan, President and CEO of Arms Wide Adoption Services. “We are passionate about supporting families through the entire adoption journey and joining them in celebrating their excitement and joy.”

History of National Adoption Events

Looking back, the first National Adoption week was proclaimed in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan. In 1995, President Bill Clinton extended the week to the entire month of November. Federal, state, local and private adoption agencies, as well as businesses and nonprofit organizations across the country will lead special events, hold volunteer recruitment, coordinate fundraising and donation efforts, and produce awareness campaigns on the topic of foster care and adoption – highlighting statistics and facts as well as addressing common concerns and myths – all in an effort to encourage more families to consider adoption.

How Arms Wide Adoption Services is Celebrating

Coastal Bend Day of Giving

Arms Wide Adoption Services is excited to participate in Coastal Bend Day of Giving 2020 – a 24-hour charitable giving campaign administered by the Coastal Bend Community Foundation. On Tuesday, November 10, our community will come together to help Arms Wide Adoption Services reach our fundraising goal of $22,000. We need YOU to join us! Before you forget, you can donate early starting Sunday, November 1. What an incredible way to celebrate National Adoption Month!

Information Meetings

This month marks many events for Arms Wide Adoption Services. On Wednesdays, the organization will host Virtual Information Meetings. Attending an Information Meeting is the first required step in the process towards becoming an Arms Wide adoptive parent. During the Information Meeting, an Arms Wide Coordinator will walk you through the process of fostering or adopting a child.

And More!

Throughout the month, Arms Wide Adoption Services will also celebrate families fulfilled by adoption from foster care.

The Stats

According to the National Adoption Day website, more than 125,000 eligible children in the United States are currently awaiting an adoptive family, many of them waiting an average three years in foster care before finding a family. On the flip side, 25,000 children will ultimately age out of the foster care system each year, becoming legal adults who must face an uncertain future without the support or security of family.

“We are passionate about raising awareness of the need for foster care adoption right here in Texas,” Jernigan said. “Our communities cannot sit idly by while youth who have experienced the sometimes unimaginable age out of foster care without a support system. We are committed to finding families who can love and support these children permanently.”

Join Us

Join us as we celebrate National Adoption Month! Share this article with family and friends, virtually attend one of our events, or make a donation. Every little bit helps as we transform the lives of children in foster care in need of safe and nurturing permanent families.