Arms Wide Adoption Services Family Recognized As Adoptive Parents of the Year

The Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services (TACFS) just wrapped their annual Texas Child Care Administrator’s Conference in San Antonio, where they recognized Rebecca and Chris Wright as Adoptive Parents of the Year. This statewide honor is a way for TACFS to show appreciation for servant-hearted individuals who are trying to protect children and better the child welfare system to positively impact Texas communities.

Rebecca and Chris Wright are adoptive parents through Arms Wide Adoption Services, whose mission is to transform the lives of children in foster care in need of safe and nurturing adoptive families. Arms Wide Adoption Services nominated Rebecca and Chris after working with them through the adoption of their son, Aaron. Arms Wide Adoption Services believes Rebecca and Chris deserve this award because of their extraordinary commitment, dedication, and perseverance.

“Rebecca and Chris experienced many delays in their adoption process,” Arms Wide Adoption Services’ President and CEO Vikki Finley stated. “After waiting three years with another agency, they did not give up. They came to Arms Wide Adoption Services and trusted in our process.”

Initially, Rebecca and Chris set their age limit to 13 years old. However, when they met 17-year-old Aaron at an adoption festival in October 2018, something inside them changed. After learning more about Aaron – how he had been in more than a dozen foster homes over the past six and half years – Rebecca and Chris knew Aaron was meant to be their son. They fought for him until he was.

Aaron officially became a Wright on May 28, 2019, just two months shy of his 18th birthday. Now, Rebecca and Chris want other families to know adoption is accepting someone with no expectations, and letting them grow at their own pace. As far as being recognized as Adoptive Parents of the Year, Rebecca and Chris feel honored.

“It didn’t feel like we did anything above and beyond,” Rebecca Wright said. “We just did what was right. Not a lot people look at teenagers and think they’re adoptable, so for us to get this award, shows those kids aren’t forgotten. There’s still hope for them.”

Rebecca and Chris Wright in San Antonio, TX at awards presentation