Guest Blog: April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual violence is a frustrating topic for many people for many reasons, but it does not need to be that way. April 2018 is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “Embrace Your Voice.” Everyone needs to take the theme to heart and understand how being supportive and forcing positive conversation about sexual assault are just some of the ways to combat this problem. When we say nothing, then there are less voices heard that are encouraging education and helping to empower victims. But when we use our voices, we can help to bring about change.

What Does It Mean To “Embrace Your Voice”?

Each individual has a unique perspective on sexual assault. The differences people have based on their education, background, and cultural beliefs can provide valuable information to help put together a cohesive narrative that will inspire change. Your voice is your perspective on sexual violence and what you feel needs to be done to bring this to an end. People need to remember that it is not only victims who need to speak out against sexual crimes. In many ways, it is more important that the general public use its voice to bring about real change.

Work To Be More Supportive

During April 2018, everyone can work on becoming more supportive in their personal relationships. Instead of ignoring potential signs of sexual assault, you should make it known that you are someone people can talk to. Develop the persona of a more caring and discreet individual that others know they can confide in. You can do this by being more open to new things, becoming a reliable confidant, and understanding when it is time to back away and let people make their own decisions.

Get Active In Your Community

You can encourage your local government and businesses to be more inclusive of all people. While it will take time to remove the stigma that comes with sexual assault, that movement to make it a topic people talk about has to start somewhere. Encourage schools to clamp down on bullying and anything that endorses negative treatment of others, and make a call to end victim shaming.

Join In The Activities

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center has a website that can act as your resource to find out what activities are being planned for the month of April 2018. There are multiple ways you can be active in raising awareness of sexual violence and help shed more light on the subject by encouraging education. There are several social media campaigns planned that you can be a part of, or you can get involved in the other campaigns that have been organized.

In April 2018, everyone is being encouraged to use their personal voice to help bring about change when it comes to sexual assault. You can volunteer your time to help be an outlet for victims who need someone to talk to, or you can get on social media and spread the word. There are plenty of ways to embrace your voice and use it against sexual assault in 2018, which makes this the perfect year for you to get involved and be on the right side of change.


About The Author

Brian Kent is a partner at He graduated with a law degree from Philadelphia’s Temple University, and served as a criminal prosecutor in the Sex Crimes Unit of Montgomery County’s District Attorney’s Office.