Building a Foster Care Community

Why I Foster: Building a Foster Care Community

May is National Foster Care Month, where we celebrate the dedication of foster parents and raise awareness about the needs of children in foster care. Being a foster parent is about meeting the needs of those children, no matter what their forever home ends up being. Some children rejoin their bio family, some stay with kin; for others, adoption is their best path forward. One of our foster families, the Tucker family, shared with us their desire to serve entire families through foster care. For National Foster Care Month, Sarah Tucker talks about her motivations, words of wisdom, and building a foster care community.

What motivates you to be a foster parent?

“Being a foster parent isn’t the easiest job in the world or always the most rewarding job either. It’s tough! When it comes down to it, I am motivated by this drive I have to serve, to love on others, and to be available where I am needed.

“When we first started our journey to foster, we only wanted to adopt.  As we went through our training and started reading and researching, our hearts were drawn to serve entire families, not just adding to our own.”

We decided to become a foster family to help families in need, it’s been a huge blessing to us!”

What advice do you have for future foster parents?

“Search your heart, pray and do a LOT of talking ahead of time. Decide what you think would be good for your family as a team.

“Talk to all of your family members, your friends, your tribe … you will need this tribe more than you know.”

Prepare yourself for mixed reactions from family and friends, and know that your journey is not necessarily their journey. Remember why you chose to do this!

What have been the biggest rewards of your foster journey so far?

“I have made a lot of friends in the foster community in just under a year. We have met people who are like-minded and have similar passions. It has been absolutely amazing!

“I know that I can call or text any one of them and they will be a sounding board and the support we need.”

Also, seeing the bond that my children are building with our foster baby. As a result, my [biological] kids are learning to give of themselves and serve where they are needed too. Of course … watching our little one grow, thrive, and succeed has been such a blessing! Moreover, seeing our foster baby become a part of our family has been solid gold!”

If you have foster care on your heart, we would love to meet you and walk you through the process of becoming a licensed foster parent. The first step is attending an information meeting.

Want to help children in foster care but can’t become a foster parent right now? Please consider donating to our mission of transforming lives of children in need of safe, nurturing permanent families or hosting a gift card drive to help our foster families with basic essentials for their children.