College journey for teens in foster care

College journey for teens in foster care

Working against the odds

Only three percent of young adults in foster care in Texas go on to attend college. Young adults in foster care face many obstacles when trying to achieve higher education. Mental health, lack of resources, dropping out of high school, and financial restraints, are just some of the obstacles. With so many obstacles, it is hard for these young adults to achieve their higher education dreams. However, changes are being made to help encourage the college journey for teens in foster care

Financial obstacles

The financial side is one of the biggest reasons why young adults in foster care do not go on to higher education. Luckily, the states of California and Minnesota are taking great strides regarding this. California and Minnesota have just passed legislation that young adults who were or are in foster care can attend college completely free. California and Minnesota are using grants and funding to help these young adults attend their state universities and community colleges. Several other states have tuition fee waivers as well, including the state of Texas. These states are dramatically helping these young adults by eliminating the financial burden off their shoulders. 

Application assistance 

Not only is attending college a whole new journey, but the process of applying is a whole journey in itself. Young adults in foster care can have an especially hard time navigating the whole process which can impact their likelihood of attending college. The College Bound Docket is one program that does this, and so much more. 

The College Bound Docket is a program that not only assists teens with applications and the resources they have but also helps students financially. The program has provided students with not only scholarships but money for necessities such as laptops. The program has helped send so far 100 former foster youth to college and plans on sending many more. Programs that act like a guiding hand like these increase the likelihood of these young adults attending college. 

Every teen deserves higher education 

Young adults in the foster care system have to go through incredible obstacles, but attending college should not be one. While there is a positive change being made, there is still more work to be done. If you want to help make a difference or learn more about young adults in foster care, head over to our donate and volunteer page to see what you can do!