Learning CPR and First Aid Training

What is CPR?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure that can help save a person’s life if their breathing or heart stops. When the heart stops beating, the individual is in cardiac arrest. During cardiac arrest, the heart cannot pump blood to the body, including the brain and lungs. CPR involves chest compressions to mimic how the heart pumps to help keep blood flowing throughout the body.

What is First Aid?

First aid is immediate care during an emergency where you can help an ill or injured person before EMS, Emergency Medical Services arrive.

The facts.

  1. 475,000 Americans die from a cardiac arrest yearly
  2. About 10,000 cardiac arrests occur in the workplace each year in the United States (US Occupational Safety & Health Administration)
  3. About 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of hospitals each year

Those numbers are frightening, but you can help reduce them. You can take CPR and First Aid Training to help save a life. Below are three great resources where you can learn CPR and First Aid Training locally from healthcare professionals.

  1. American Heart Association
  2. American Red Cross
  3. The Junior League of Houston

CPR and First Aid in the foster care and adoption space.

Arms Wide Adoption Services requires all potential adoptive and foster families (and their designated babysitter) to attend an in-person CPR and First Aid training.

“We all know that children have accidents. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the more you will be able to stay calm and handle the emergency when it occurs.  If your toddler is choking on a hot dog, even while talking to 911 who is walking you through the Heimlich, you will remember your first aid training. You will be able to put the pieces together when you really need to.” – Arianne Riebel, LMSW, LCPAA, Director of Adoption and Foster Care Services

Not fostering or adopting? You could still save a life.

Before you say, you don’t have time, because you work a 9-to-5 job throughout the week, the resources above offer in-person, hybrid (in-person and online) or online only training to better suit your busy schedule. To make this a great learning experience, bring your loved ones and learn together.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

We at Arms Wide Adoption Services want to provide vital information encouraging and empowering families to create safe environments. This helps their home and our community. If you wish to learn more about CPR and First Aid training, click the resources above to be prepared, if an emergency were to occur.

Interested in feeling more empowered?

Take a look at our family empowerment resources that include helpful tips such as A Parent’s Guild to Child Safety, How to Disinfect Toys, Consumer Safety Guide and much more! We hope this was helpful. Take care, stay safe.

About The Author

As the Spring 2019 Marketing Intern, Meerber Ojoch will assist with coordinating social media outreach, collaborating with program staff to write blog posts, implement recruitment ideas and activities to the Family Recruitment team, and help leverage Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) and Foster Care Month (May). Read more about Meer here.