Foster and Adoption Placement

One of the most common questions our foster and adoptive parents have is about the placement process: “How will children be placed or matched with their family?” Our staff members at Arms Wide Adoption Services are here to guide you through this complex but rewarding journey. We created a series of blogs to help you understand what you can expect about foster and adoption placement matching.

Emergency Foster Care Placements

Emergency Placement Matching

Families who choose emergency placement may only be interested in fostering, or they may be interested in adoption if it is in a child’s best interest. Potential emergency foster parents could receive a call anytime, day or night, about a child in need of a safe place to stay while CPS determines the best long-term solution for the child. Read more about Emergency Placement Matching here.

Legal Risk and Straight Adoption Placements

Legal Risk and Straight Adoption Placement Matching

Whether you decide to adopt through Legal Risk or Straight Adoption, you will go through a placement matching process. First, you will create a Family Profile Page, which will give your CPS worker a snapshot of your family as they begin to identify a potential match. The agency will consider the level of care and age range a foster or adoptive family is willing to accept and, most importantly, the child’s need. Read more about Legal Risk and Straight Adoption Placement Matching here.

Matching: After the Submission

While it may feel like a game of “Hurry Up and Wait,” we encourage families to remain optimistic. We know it can be a long, frustrating waiting period, so we want to explain what happens behind the scenes. Read about what goes on behind the scenes in Matching: After the Submission here.

We caution against spending a lot of time on Adoption Websites that promise to match families with a child quickly. Even though it is hard, we encourage patience during the waiting period. During this time there may be opportunities for some straight adopt families to participate in Match Events.

RAS: Review and Approval Staffing

If CPS thinks your family will be a good match for a particular child, they will present you at a RAS. The RAS (Review and Approval Staffing) makes sure children are matched with families who can best meet their needs. Before your RAS and after your home study is approved, you will create a Family Book.  Arms Wide will bring this to the RAS to help express who you are and why you are the best match for a child or sibling group. Read more about how to prepare for a RAS here.

RAS: The Day Of

The Day of the RAS is the day that a child’s adoptive family is selected. As you prepare for the RAS, you may want to visualize what the “Day Of” the RAS looks like. Read more about the assembly, timeline, and family presentation at the RAS: The Day of.

The Redacted Record and Child Presentation Meeting

Once you have been selected as your child’s adoptive family, you will read the redacted record of the child’s case. Then, you will attend a Child Presentation Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to review records and talk to all members of the child’s team before beginning the pre-placement visits. Read more about The Redacted Record and Child Presentation Meeting here.

Pre-Placement Visits

Pre-Placement Visits will help your child transition into their new home gradually. While each placement is different, we have created a sample schedule and want to share some tips for helping your child bond with their new family. Read more about setting your family up for success in Pre-Placement Visits here.