Garbage Bags? Not for Kids in Foster Care

Children deserve more than garbage bags

Last year, 9,623 children were removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, and sadly, most of them use garbage bags to transport their belongings. When children have to put their possessions in garbage bags, it sends the message that they do not matter. Entering foster care is a traumatic experience. Having them place all their items in a garbage bag just adds to that trauma. 

A new bill brings change

This spring, the Texas legislature implemented a policy to ensure children don’t have to carry their belongings in garbage bags. TX HB 3765 is the name of the bill. It will require the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to give children duffel bags when they enter foster care. The governor has signed and approved the bill, and it will be in effect at the start of September. 

This is not the only bill bringing change to foster care. For example, Senate Bill 1379 helps children in foster care set up checking and bank accounts, helping them to be financially stable when they enter adulthood.  

Impact of simply having a duffel bag

This bill encourages a unified approach to show children in foster care that they matter. Children in foster care can feel like nobody cares about them or they do not matter. Taking these steps sends the message that children deserve more than garbage bags.  

With this new age of foster care legislation bringing attention to these issues, the question can arise, “What can I do?”  To start, Arms Wide has an Angel Room, which provides essentials to children when they enter the foster care system, and we are always looking for donations. In addition, if you are interested in fostering or adopting, visit our Arms Wide website to start your journey. You don’t have to be a legislator to make a change. Educating, donating, and showing up for children in foster care can make all the difference in the world.