International Women’s Day with Roselyn Weaver

Arms Wide Adoption Services’ foster-to-adopt mom, Roselyn Weaver, has some exciting news to share with you! This International Women’s Day, Roselyn has joined eight other fashionistas to launch the The Gibson International Women’s Day Collection exclusively sold at Nordstrom. Read all about Roselyn’s exciting news here. If this wasn’t exciting enough, Roselyn has generously chosen Arms Wide Adoption Services as the benefiting charity for sales of her ‘Roselyn’ top. Get this adorable top today, and help empower women everywhere, while fueling the Arms Wide Adoption Services’ mission to transform the lives of children in need of safe and nurturing adoptive families.

Buy the ‘Roselyn’ top here!

Despite the craziness, we were able to catch Roselyn to answer a few questions about how she became a fashion blogger and why she chose to work with Arms Wide Adoption Services to grow her family.

Why did you become a fashion blogger?

I’ve always been really into fashion. I have my Mom to thank for that. Even as a little girl my mom would always dress me in the cutest outfits, and she was always dressed to the nines herself. That all stuck with me as I grew up. I ended up going to school for Fashion Merchandising in Long Beach, CA where I began my journey in the fashion world. I worked in every position you could probably imagine. From the retail floor to designer showrooms, from back stage at fashion shows to a trend forecasting firm.

Then, I landed my dream job as a Buyer and worked in the corporate retail world for almost nine years. I was fortunate to meet a lot of great, inspiring people along the way, but after getting married and wanting to start a family, working 12-hour days and traveling so often became a lot harder. That’s when I decided to step away from the company I was working for as an Associate Buyer and go into Supply Chain Management. As much as I enjoy working in Supply Chain Management, I was still missing that creative space where I could talk about fashion and trends everyday, so that’s when the blog was born. ????

Why did you choose to adopt through Arms Wide Adoption Services?

Actually a co-worker, now friend, of my husband had used Arms Wide Adoption Services. Having someone that we knew say good things about the agency made us feel good about using Arms Wide Adoption too!

How did this exciting opportunity with Nordstrom come about?

They were searching for a group of diverse, influential, lifestyle bloggers throughout the US to share their stories, backgrounds and accomplishments. They wanted to hand select individuals to design the collection with as well being open to sharing more about their journey to being an entrepreneurial women. I just happened to be one of the lucky 9 women that they chose. Pinch me moment for sure!!

Tell us a little bit more about how we can support Arms Wide Adoption Services through International Women’s Day.

I am so thankful Gibson and Nordstrom have allowed each of us to choose an organization that will benefit of the sales from the International Women’s Day collection. For every purchase of the “Roselyn” top, a percentage will be given back to Arms Wide Adoption Services.

Buy the ‘Roselyn’ top here!