May Is National #FosterCareMonth

Every day, Arms Wide Adoption Services works tirelessly to create better lives for the more than 30,000 children in the Texas foster care system. As May marks national #FosterCareMonth, we can draw special attention to these children in need. We are calling on individuals, families, and communities to become more involved as foster parents, respite providers, and adoptive parents.Together, we can change children’s lives and leave more families fulfilled.

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Meet Our Kids

Meet J’Andre. This 14-year-old may seem shy at first but he is a very active, loving child who loves to smile. When it comes to outdoor activities, J’Andre enjoys playing all types of sports with children his own age. He also likes to watch TV and LOVES to play video games. Away from the home, J’Andre likes to go out to eat, visit the park, or go to the movies. He has a bike that he rides on occasion in the neighborhood park. J’Andre also enjoys playing the drums and listening to music. At times, J’Andre gets overly excited or anxious when there are a lot of things happening around him. He responds well to redirection. He is able to work through his emotions when he gets upset and take advice from a mentor. He shows affection towards others and has a strong bond with his sister, who will not be a part of this adoption.

You can meet all of our wonderful, adoptable kids here.

Your Gift Can Make A Difference

Here are examples of how your generous gift will impact children and families in need:

  • $2,500 provides for the recruitment, preparation, and training needed for one potential foster/adoptive family
  • $1,000 provides on average one month of high-quality foster care services for a child in need
  • $500 provides one home study for a prospective foster or adoptive family
  • $250 provides one child and one parent a weekend therapeutic camp
  • $100 provides one day of outpatient treatment for an adoptive child

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Follow National Foster Care Month

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