From Child Advocate To Adopting: Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany is an Arms Wide Adoption Services’ “waiting parent.” This means she has completed all steps necessary for an adoptive placement. Our team here at Arms Wide Adoption Services is working closely with Tiffany to ensure any potential match is strong. We pride ourselves in successful outcomes for children, and being able to successfully match a family’s strengths with the needs of the child or children being placed in their care. Tiffany was nice enough to share her story of how she came from being a child advocate to adopting from foster care.

Then: A CASA Volunteer

Long before Tiffany decided to go on the adoption journey, she was a child advocate for CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates. When she became a CASA volunteer, she was not married and unsure if she would ever have children of her own. Despite this, she still wanted to make a difference in a child’s life.

“When I heard about CASA, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have an impact and make that difference,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany was a child advocate for approximately one year, and she had one case. During this time, she realized how much these children need love and support, as well as someone on their side. She felt fortunate with her case, because the child had loving grandparents who were supportive. Tiffany also became aware of how appreciative the children are with seemingly small gestures. At the request of the grandparents, around Christmas time, Tiffany delivered a CASA gift bag full of toys, clothes, and shoes.

“The sweet child was so excited about the new pair of shoes that the toys were barely noticed,” Tiffany said.

Now: A Waiting Adoptive Parent

Tiffany found Arms Wide Adoption Services through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website. She said the staff at Arms Wide Adoption Services are “pleasant people who are easy to work with.”

“Arms Wide Adoption Services makes the process easy and comfortable,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany now has a better understanding of why it is so hard to give families a specific time frame for licensing. The process and progress depends on the families focusing on the requirements for approval.

“Arms Wide Adoption Services does a great job keeping you on task, as they have the process laid out in a logical, flowing sequence. It felt great to cross the finish line and get approved.”

Tiffany does not have any biological children, so she and her husband would love to adopt a sibling group or even two children from different backgrounds. Tiffany views adoption as an opportunity to round out her family and bring light to a child’s life – as much as they would bring to hers.

Advice For Families

When asked, “What advice do you have for other families who are thinking about foster care or adoption?”, Tiffany said:

“Do it!!! These kids need you. I would recommend just attending the orientation as that helps answer a lot of questions. The beginning of the process may seem a bit overwhelming at first but it’s all in your time.  If you have a thought of fostering or adopting, follow that gut instinct. It may be a bigger calling in your life.”

Learn more about the process and getting started here. Tiffany also had some advice for those who may not be ready to foster or adopt…

“I never had thoughts of adopting or fostering when I became a Child Advocate. If you aren’t ready to adopt or foster, child advocacy may give you the opportunity to see what it is like for children in the system. My time as a Child Advocate was a rewarding experience. It comes with some emotions and big decisions but it’s worth it knowing that you are helping give a child / children a much better life. It’s a win win!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Tiffany! We are so grateful you are part of the Arms Wide Adoption Services’ family, and look forward to seeing you through finalization day and beyond. We appreciate all you do to positively impact children’s lives. Because of you, more than one child will have a second chance at a happy childhood.