We Are Arms Wide

We Are Arms Wide

If you ask five friends what “family” means to them, you will get five different answers. That’s because the word “family” means something different to everyone. We might think of our families as our safety net, our sense of belonging, our identity, or our unconditional love. Through our foster care, foster care adoption, kinship care and permanency support programming, Arms Wide has had the honor of guiding people in fulfilling their own definition of “family”. We recognize that every family’s story is unique, sometimes unpredictable, and always life-changing. And wherever their paths lead, Arms Wide is there to guide, support, celebrate and make a positive impact on the whole family.  

Shifting Child Welfare Landscape

Over the past few years, the Arms Wide team has watched the child welfare landscape shift at national and state levels to focus on preserving families. As a result of this shift, we have refined our name to better reflect our approach to working with families who come to us for support. Moving forward, we will add the tagline “Preserving and Fulfilling Families” to our logo and remove “Adoption Services” from our name. Check out our video highlighting how we fulfill and preserve families.

Our commitment to fulfill families through adoption remains the same. However, our focus has expanded to preserve families wherever they are in their journey. We recognize that adoption is just one of many paths to permanency for a child in foster care. As always, our priority is to ensure each child we serve has a safe, permanent family.

Looking Toward the Future 

We remain committed to providing unparalleled, personalized support for our full range of programs for children in foster care. This includes foster care, foster care adoption, kinship care, and permanency support services for families who have adopted or received permanent guardianship of children who were in foster care. Moreover, we will continue to excel at meeting each child wherever they are in their journey. As always, our goal is to match and join more children with permanent families. This has been a cornerstone of our programming for 46 years. Recently, we had the opportunity to discuss how we strive to meet every child’s needs on the Houston Public Access podcast. We encourage you to check it out!

We recognize that our ability to continue this life-changing work is possible because of your support. Thank you for being part of the Arms Wide community and seeing us through this important change for the organization. We invite you to continue to be part of the Arms Wide story as we persist in our work of preserving and fulfilling families.