Why I Foster: National Foster Care Month

Why I Foster: National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month, where we celebrate the dedication of foster parents and raise awareness about the needs of children in foster care. In Texas, there are over 28,000 children in foster care every day. Some live with foster families, but many are waiting in group homes or other facilities due to a severe shortage of foster homes. We believe that children belong with families, so we are especially thankful for our foster families as we commemorate National Foster Care Month.

That’s why we are highlighting two of our own foster parents, Chiara and Tim Phan. They have shared their motivations and some words of wisdom that they have learned along their foster care journey.

What motivates you to be a foster parent?

“We were motivated to become foster parents by a desire to share our hearts and home with children who need safety and love. We recognized in ourselves eagerness and skills that make us fit for this role.”

What advice do you have for future foster parents?

“Being a foster parent is challenging and rewarding, in equal parts. Meaning, a lot. It is very challenging and it is very rewarding. Foster parenting is a unique role to step into, full of uncertainty and vulnerability. But the joy, love, and growth we have experienced as foster parents is unmatched.

“Our purpose is to love a child, in the best way we can love, for as long as they need our love.”

My advice is to know yourself and if you have a partner, know each other. But most of all, know your purpose for becoming foster parents. When change and unexpected developments are constant, our purpose is what grounds us.”


What have been the biggest rewards of your foster journey so far?

“Our biggest reward of our foster journey has been the growth of the children.

“You can literally witness the attention, love, and care you poured into them come out in their personalities and growth.”

You see it in their development, in their increased trust, in their increased confidence. It is also rewarding to work together as a team for a child. To navigate the roller coaster of foster care with each professional is very meaningful and a great learning opportunity.”


If you have foster care on your heart, we would love to meet you and walk you through the process of becoming a licensed foster parent. The first step is attending an Arms Wide information meeting. Want to help children in foster care but can’t become a foster parent right now? Please consider donating to our mission of transforming lives of children in need of safe, nurturing permanent families or hosting a gift card drive to help our foster families with basic essentials for their kids.