Brand Guidelines

Our Story

When we begin an adoption at Arms Wide, we see a future full of possibilities: a parent’s love; a child’s joy; a new family united. So we focus on not only connecting the right child with the right family, but connecting all the moments that will help bring them together. Every child, every family’s story is unique, sometimes unpredictable, and always life-changing. And wherever their paths lead, Arms Wide is there to guide, support, celebrate and make an impact on the whole family.

We are Arms Wide…Preserving & Fulfilling Families

This page of our website serves as a way to better explain our process for choosing the name Arms Wide, as well as outlines the use of our logo and brand.

Our Logo and Visual Elements

When considering foster care and adoption, you have to be willing to open your mind, open your heart and open your home. We believe our logo represents the children and families we work with every day who are willing to take this journey with us, with their arms wide open.

Our logo icon is derived from the intersection of five different circles, illustrating the diverse groups of children and families we have matched over the last four decades. From sibling groups to children with special needs, every child deserves to be linked with a loving and nurturing home and family.

Throughout our website and collateral, you will also see additional interlocking shapes. We believe these uniquely illustrate who we are because they represent family, inclusiveness and collaboration. Keeping the children we serve at our core, these shapes also communicate a sense of movement and playfulness.

Using Our Logo and Branding

For permission to use our logo and / or branding materials (including visual elements and pictures), please contact our Development and Marketing department at 713.681.6991 or Working with children, families and the State of Texas, there are precautionary procedures in place when it comes to sharing our brand.

When are granted permission to utilize our logo, you are never allowed to compromise the integrity of the inline logo by:

  • Stretching or skewing the logo.
  • Rotating the logo.
  • Placing the logo on a busy background or busy picture.
  • Changing any part of the logo or word mark.
  • Changing any colors in the logo.

You must also leave space “padding” around the logo equal to 1x the icon.

Once again, to gain access to our logo or other branding materials, please contact our Development and Marketing department or email