Ongoing Requirements

There are a number of ongoing requirements adoptive/foster parents must meet in order to ensure that their child/children are properly cared for. These ongoing requirements apply to families who are fostering or have an adoptive placement that has not yet been legally finalized.

These ongoing requirements include:

  • 30 hours of training each year
  • CPR and First Aid certification must be kept current
  • FBI, Criminal Background and Child Abuse checks every two years
  • Home Study updates every two years
  • Fire inspections and environmental inspections must be kept current
  • Pet vaccinations must be up to date for all pets in the home

Once you have legally finalized an adoption, and if you do not have other foster children in your home, there are no ongoing requirements required by DFPS other than the normal expectations of providing a safe, supportive, loving home and being the best parent you can be.