Meant To Be Mya, A Foster-To-Adopt Story

Defining Adoption

  • Adoption (a dop’ tion) n.
  1. Building a family through the process of concentrated, dedicated, enduring love, rather than biology.

Mildred made the decision to adopt, because she wanted to provide a child in need with a loving and caring home. Her journey to adopt officially began when she accepted her first and last emergency foster care placement of a 2-month-old, multi-racial girl named Mya. Mildred admits times throughout the journey were not easy, but she believes the family she has now is truly meant to be. Today, Mya is two years old and thriving in her forever home:

During the course of this journey we have had plenty of sleepless nights,” Mildred said. “We have learned to crawl, walk, and talk; we have celebrated birthdays and countless holidays, and traveled many places together. More importantly, we have experienced this journey as a family. Since day one Mya has been a part of every aspect of our lives.

Being An Arms Wide Family

While working with Arms Wide Adoption Services, Mildred was able to meet other people who understood her journey and were there to offer advice and encouragement. She describes the process as uncomplicated, because in her eyes, Arms Wide has earned a reputation of being experts, dependable, and a trustworthy adoption agency in the greater Houston area. Mildred describes Arms Wide caseworkers as sincere in what they do and noted that they are available anytime you need them.

 “Arms Wide sticks to their mission statement, which is to transform the lives of children in need of safe and nurturing adoptive families,” Mildred said. “They will hold your hand and guide you through the adoption process from the beginning to finalization, and into the future.”

Finally Forever

Mildred said she is relieved that the adoption is finalized. Her favorite part of the journey was Mya’s adoption day, the moment Mya legally became Mildred’s daughter and was no longer her foster child. When asked to describe the moment she knew everything was meant to be, Mildred said:

“When I was finally able to sign Mya’s last name the same as mine.”

Now that Mya is a toddler, they spend a lot of time coloring, playing together, and visiting places that consume Mya’s abundance of energy. Mya has become an expert talker. They continue to go everywhere together – from attending picnics, going to church, attending baby showers, or participating in cultural fundraising walks while Mya is in the stroller.

Adoption Advice

As the final note to her adoption journey, Mildred wanted to leave potential adoptive families with a little bit of advice:

“Adoption means choosing to love another individual without biases and despite imperfections.” Mildred said. “Be flexible, have a sense of humor, don’t sweat the small stuff and keep smiling.”

Many wonderful Mya moments thanks to her mom, Mildred!

Fulfilling Families Thanks

Thank you, Mildred. We are so thrilled Mya and you are part of our Arms Wide family. Thanks for your willingness to share your journey with others, and for your openness to adoption. Mya’s life is that much safer and sweeter with you as her mom!

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Adopting To Advocating as told by Arms Wide mom, Natalie

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