The Doyle Family – Part Two of Four

Part One Note

If you missed part one of The Doyle Family’s story, please check it out here.

Adopting A Sibling Group

The Race To Prepare

When Heather and David engaged with an adoption agency, the agency was very excited to learn that Heather and David were interested in adopting a sibling group. There was a sibling group of three the agency had in mind, so Heather and David raced to get prepared.

Heather was kind enough to share her To-Do list with us from her Home Study (which was in the middle of the holiday season):

  • Cook and host Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Babysit nephews on Friday
  • Clean house
  • Safety proof our home for home study
  • Gun safe purchased and delivered
  • Dead bolt installed on back door because of our pool
  • Locks put on back fence
  • Double lock medicine, organize into bags in a file cabinet in our closet
  • Changed to locking door knobs on our closet
  • Latches installed on lower cabinet doors
  • Hazardous cleaning chemicals installed up high and locked
  • Hazardous outdoor garage chemicals installed high and locked
  • Outlet protectors installed
  • Utility room organized
  • Closet organized
  • Smoke detectors inspected
  • Organize file cabinet papers
  • Garage organized for better safety
  • Decorate for Christmas

After writing this list, Heather wondered if they were crazy in trying to meet a November 30th deadline, but they did it, and Heather and David were first in line for the sibling group of three. But at the last minute, the grandfather of those children chose a family closer in location to him. Heather and David were devastated.

At the same time, Heather’s mom suffered from a stroke, and Heather had to take on an even larger role in being her caretaker.

“At times, I was bitter and upset, but we never lost hope,” Heather said. “I think this is why we stayed certified. We had three quarterly inspections, attended classes and read all the books to stay active. Keeping up with these regulations may have contributed to helping us stay hopeful.”

More From The Doyle Family Next Week

Tune in next Wednesday for more from The Doyle Family. Next week’s post explores the most important part of their journey: Being matched with their children, Olivianna and Joshua. It will melt your heart!

The Doyle Family - Part Three of Four

A year later, Heather and David received the call they had been hoping for! Heather and David chose to meet at their adoption agency’s office, as it was middle ground for them and the foster mom. Heather described the room as colorful and playful with a mural of the sea. There was also a huge fish tank. When the kids arrived, they raced toward the fish tank. Heather and David walked over to it with them and knelt down to talk about fish. They instantly connected and bonded over laughs and blown kisses to fish.

The Doyle Family - Part Three of Four

The Doyle Family - Part One of Four

Heather Doyle first thought about adoption in the seventh grade when she met her best friend who was adopted from Korea. Having come from an instable childhood, Heather’s strongest desire was to have a family. She knew she wanted to parent birth and adopted children. That desire strengthened when she met her husband, David, who Heather calls her rock. When it came to family, they were both on the same page. In their pre-marital counseling sessions, they planned out their future: Birth children first, adopt later. “Well, man plans, and God laughs,” Heather said. “It is His story. Not ours.”

The Doyle Family - Part One of Four