The Pelts: “We are Jordyn’s Village”

The Pelt Family, Part 2: We Are Jordyn’s Village

RaKeesha and Andrew Pelt first came to know Arms Wide through RaKeesha’s sorority sister, who had a good experience with the agency. After much prayer and thought, they decided adoption was best for growing their family, so they adopted Cameron in 2020 (read Part 1 of their story here). But their journey did not end there! Part 2 of their Family Spotlight features how they adopted a second time and created Jordyn’s Village.

A Change of PlansPelt Family sits on the couch together

After adopting Cameron in 2020, Andrew and RaKeesha knew they wanted him to have a sibling. What they didn’t know was how quickly that would happen! Although their original plan was to wait to adopt another child until after Cameron was older, their plans were upended at an Arms Wide holiday party. 

At the holiday party, Andrew and RaKeesha were sitting down with Cameron when an Arms Wide staff member introduced them to baby Jordyn, who was in foster care at the time with another Arms Wide family. RaKeesha felt then and there that she was meant to be Jordyn’s mom. After that day, Andrew and RaKeesha started the adoption application process again. 

“Originally, we wanted to wait until Cameron was a certain age,” RaKeesha said. She offers advice to anyone in a similar situation:

“Be willing to throw your plan out the window!”

Creating Jordyn’s Village

Adoption journeys are complex and winding. It takes time and patience while the courts determine which path to permanency is going to be best for the child. During times of uncertainty, Andrew and RaKeesha sought strength from their support network.

“We relied on family, friends and faith: we knew it would work out how it was supposed to,” RaKeesha said.

Ultimately, it was decided that Andrew and RaKeesha were the best family for Jordyn. They made weekend visits to Jordyn’s foster family and slowly started bringing Cameron along so the future siblings could get to know each other. In November of 2020, Jordyn joined the Pelt family permanently.

Jordyn’s adoption was finalized in July of 2021. Because of the pandemic, the adoption finalization took place on Zoom with over 70 friends and family members in attendance. “We were so relieved and happy,” RaKeesha said. Those 70 friends and family members who stood by Andrew and RaKeesha throughout their entire journey are now—as the sign in the their yard indicated—Jordyn’s Village.

Advice for Future Adoptive Families

Andrew and RaKeesha want to encourage future foster or adoptive families to make the leap to change a child’s life. “There is never going to be the perfect time when finances are in place and the house is perfect. Especially in these times: life is fleeting, so go with your gut and ride the wave.” Just as Andrew and RaKeesha found strength in their Village, they hope others find the same. “Understand it is a roller coaster, and there are going to be highs and lows,” RaKeesha said.

“Surround yourself with people who are going to support you.”