The Rodriguez Family: A Success Story

Miriam and Rosbel Rodriguez came to Arms Wide Adoption Services, formerly Spaulding for Children, in 2011, via a friend’s recommendation, looking to provide a loving and supportive home for children. Miriam tried multiple methods, but was unable to get pregnant and thus came to Spaulding for Children looking to adopt.

Evelyn, now age 7, was placed in their home when she was just 3 years old, Adrian, now 3, was placed in their home when he was 1 month old. Evelyn and Adrian were placed with the Rodriguez family at the same time. Several months later their birth mother found out she was pregnant again and Ebony, now 2, was also placed in the Rodriguez home when she was just 14 days old. Once these siblings arrived in the Rodriguez’s home, the family was very interested in adopting all three children so Evelyn, Adrian and Ebony could grow up together.

Over the next several years, the Rodriguez family walked the journey of going from foster parents to adoptive parents. The ups and downs. The struggles and victories.

The rollercoaster of emotions that comes along with the process. Although many unpredictable obstacles stood in their way throughout their journey to adoption, the Rodriguez family persevered and officially became a family in March of 2015. The week before the adoption finalization, Miriam and Rosbel purchased a book to read to the children about adoption. They wanted them to feel comfortable and help them understand what their finalization would be like, so they would not be scared or confused.

The Rodriguezes are very excited to be a family now and cannot wait to plan a trip to take Evelyn, Adrian and Ebony to Mexico this year to meet the rest of their family!