The Guillory Family: Turning a House into a Home

Mr. and Mrs. Guillory came to Arms Wide Adoption Services, formerly Spaulding for Children, in 2013 looking to provide a loving and supportive home for a child. The Guillorys began their journey to adoption in the 90s after trying multiple methods to have a child. After many years went by, Mrs. Guillory said “I prayed to God to send us a child and no matter how He sent the child, we would accept them.”

After many years of prayer, in 2013, the Guillory family would add not only one child to their family but three! They received a call from Arms Wide letting them know there were two boys, who are biological brothers, ready to be placed in their home. The following day the Guillorys received another call letting them know that boys’ oldest brother needed an adoptive home as well.

“There was no way we would separate siblings, so we said yes,” exclaimed Mrs. Guillory.

Now they actually have five boys – their three adopted sons, a step-son and Buddy, the family dog. Mrs. Guillory says she is truly outnumbered, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Mr. Guillory added with joyful enthusiasm, “I can’t wait to leave work and come home to my boys!”

When asked, what adoption means to her, Mrs. Guillory stated, “I have learned so much. There are so many children who want a loving, safe, and secure home. If you’re unsuccessful at conceiving, why not adopt?”

“Our house is finally a home, and you can tell there’s love here,” says Mrs. Guillory about her journey to adoption.