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Jennifer Roderick, MSW

Placement and Permanency Coordinator

As a Senior Foster Care and Adoption Coordinator, Jennifer manages the foster homes in which our kids are placed. Her primary goal is to ensure that each child is safe and has all their basic needs met. She supports parents, supervises cases, and develops resources, including the child’s health and psychological records.

Why I started with Arms Wide:

After the military, I began taking classes for Nursing. I realized after completing my Associates degree in Science that I did not enjoy it, but I always knew I wanted to work with children and families. After doing some major soul searching, I came across Social Work. When I began the Masters program, I fell absolutely in love. During my graduate internship I was able to work at the Jameson Center which is another adoption agency in Houston, and I enjoyed it. My internship went by too quickly, not giving me enough time to learn as much as I would have liked to. I wanted to continue to learn in the foster and adoption field. Arms Wide had a wonderful reputation, and there was a position available. I truly believe I got really lucky.

My favorite part about my job:

Knowing I am part of a wonderful team that is helping families become “complete.” I love that we are placing children in a safe, nurturing, and loving homes.

My least favorite part:

Hearing “Does it meet minimum standards?!” — and paperwork!

More about me:

I have two beautiful daughters, Leah (11) and Alyssa (10). They both definitely keep me on my toes. My girls are my motivation; they are my world!!! Before working at Arms Wide, I was working full time at H-E-B. I trained new employees and prepared them for their new role as cashiers. I am also certified to teach the Alcohol Seller Training. In addition to my training position, I was the Business Center Lead for the customer service department at the Pearland H-E-B. The company has been amazing to me! I was able to complete my undergrad and graduate degree in Social work while working full-time.

I am also a NAVY Veteran, serving 6 years. My military experience challenged me in many ways I cannot begin to explain. I definitely had to learn to have thick skin, and have a strong mindset. Many people I met in the service I still consider family. I was able to travel to many countries like Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, China, and Korea. I lived in Japan for 3.5 years!

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