The Dodge Family: “We knew they would be our children.”

No Right Time

Courtney and Brian Dodge have always wanted to adopt… But years seemed to fly by with no “right time” in sight. That was until their friend started fostering a baby girl through Arms Wide Adoption Services. She talked with Courtney and Brian about the benefits of working with a smaller agency. That’s when Courtney and Brian’s adoption journey officially began.

After working with Arms Wide Adoption Services to license their home, Courtney and Brian were selected to foster-to-adopt two adorable brothers. From the moment they met the boys, it was love at first sight.

“From the moment we saw their faces, and they grabbed our hands, we knew these would be our children,” Courtney said.

Settling In Quickly

But forever seemed so far away when Courtney and Brian began to experience many delays during the placement process. When the day the boys could move in finally arrived… A CPS worker told Courtney and Brian that she had never brought children to a new foster home where the kids were so excited. Courtney and Brian attributed this to the brothers’ amazing foster family. They welcomed Courtney and Brian with open arms and prepared the boys for what to expect.

The boys settled in quickly! Of course, challenges were faced. All parents of two brothers at four and five years old face challenges. It wasn’t anything Courtney and Brian couldn’t handle!

“Arms Wide Adoption Services had prepared us for every situation and possible scenario,” Courtney said. “We felt well-equipped and prepared, but most of all, supported.”

Adoption Is About Selflessness

Courtney and Brian believe adoption means breaking the cycle of abuse for children in need, while providing them with a life they would not have otherwise had. To Courtney and Brian, adoption is about selflessness. It’s knowing whatever circumstances these kids faced early on in their lives should not define them forever. Courtney and Brian believe all children deserve endless love and attention.

“We started this knowing there was only one aspect of this situation we could control, and that was loving these boys,” Courtney said. “We knew we could love them and that love could heal them from any brokenness they could have ever felt.”

Now, Courtney and Brian believe all those “not the right time” moments was God clearly telling them, “Yes, but not yet.” In January 2020, they were relieved to sign the final paperwork on adoption day. They were also grateful to be surrounded by dozens of friends and family members. They were all there to celebrate how good God is with them.

“When my babies sat in the judge’s chair and banged that gavel, it was one of the most incredible moments of my life,” Courtney Dodge said.