The Solis Family: “Be patient, the best things in life don’t come easily.”

The Solis Family came to Arms Wide Adoption Services in 2017 with the hopes of adopting a sibling group. The couple always knew they wanted to adopt, because they have hearts for caring for children. Feeling like their home felt empty, they pursued foster care adoption. They believe every child deserves to feel loved.

Although the family had prior knowledge about the foster care system from their professional careers, they still found the journey to adoption to be a difficult one. They want others to understand the process of adopting a child from foster care can feel mentally and emotionally draining at times. Nothing is going to happen overnight, even though you would like it to! They knew their children had already been through a lot, so they knew the lengthy process was to ensure the children will have a permanent family and home well-suited for them.

May 2019 Adoption Day

“Adoption to us means family and endless love.”

In September of 2018, Mr. and Mrs. Solis met their two daughters for the first time and began bonding as a family. Months later, in May of 2019, the couple finalized the adoption of their seven-year-old and 15-year-old daughters. Though the family endured many challenges and struggles along the way, they faced these challenges as a family and with the support of the Arms Wide Adoption Services team.

“Our favorite part of our journey was meeting our children and spending time getting to know them.”

Art by Jayla

The Solis family felt a sense of relief following their finalization. As a family, they enjoy BBQing outside, swimming, and traveling. The couple describes their youngest daughter as witty, sassy, and funny and describes their oldest as a smart and incredibly talented artist. Both girls are the most loving and affectionate children they could have asked for. They feel thankful to be able to be their parents and to give their daughters the love they want and deserve.

“If you adopt, don’t expect to adopt a perfect child as there is no such thing as a perfect child.”

Mr. and Mrs. Solis’ biggest advice for others is to have patience. Just like adults, children will have good days and bad days. Having a loving family and a safe home is all new to children who have been in foster care. It takes time for children to adjust and for the family to adjust. Adoption is also a very lengthy process, but one that is always worth it in the end.

The Dodge Family: "We knew they would be our children."

Courtney and Brian Dodge have always wanted to adopt, but years seemed to fly by with no “right time” in sight. That was until their friend started fostering a baby girl through Arms Wide Adoption Services. She talked with Courtney and Brian about the benefits of working with a smaller agency. That’s when Courtney and Brian’s adoption journey officially began.

The Dodge Family: