Every Step of the Way

The Wiltz-Martin Family Spotlight

Here at Arms Wide, we understand a family’s journey doesn’t end after adoption. Emotional scars from the neglect or abuse that led the children to experience foster care in the first place can last years after being connected with a permanent family. Extraordinary amounts of love, nurturing and commitment are sometimes needed before the child can heal. This is why we provide support services for families who have adopted or have assumed a Permanent Managing Conservatorship (PMC) of a child formerly in foster care.

Life After Adoption

Years ago, Danielle Wiltz and Trent Martin adopted DJ, Brea, and Houston through the state of Texas, but they understood that they needed additional support to help their children navigate and process complex emotions and trauma as they grew up. They received post adoption support services through another organization ever since but sought Arms Wide’s help after the other organization discontinued their program.

“We both agreed to reach out to post adoption services after our first adoption,” Danielle told us. “We were not too proud to accept any and all the help we could get!”

Although Danielle and Trent adopted all their kids at a young age, issues stemming from their early years continued to manifest as they grew into adolescence.

“The teen years hit hard at our house!” they told us. “When children have experienced trauma at early ages, sometimes the battle between nature and nurture gets exhausting – for the child as well as for the parents.” And while it seemed like they had reached a breaking point a few times, the Permanency Support team at Arms Wide was always just a phone call away to guide them through whatever situation their family was facing.

“Our Arms Wide case manager, Sharon Carter, was with us every step of the way,” said Danielle. “She guided us towards additional resources when our family was in crisis and always leant an ear when I was struggling. She listened without being judgmental and supported us endlessly. We consider her a part of the family.”

All Grown Up

With Arms Wide’s support, the Wiltz-Martin family were able to access therapeutic family counseling, support groups, respite care, and more.  As of June 2024, all three kids have graduated high school and are making their own way in the world, with DJ and Brea starting families of their own, and Houston beginning bootcamp for the Navy.

“Arms Wide’s services were essential for us to build a successful foundation as a family after adoption,” Danielle told us. “When speaking to others who are considering adoption, I always remind them how essential these services are.”

These programs are available to any family with a child formerly in Texas foster care who has been adopted or a family that has assumed Permanent Managing Conservatorship of a child who was in Texas foster care. For more information on our Permanency Support services, contact us today at 713.681.6991 or through our online contact form