The Wright Family: Acceptance With No Expectations

Timing Was Wright

Rebecca and Chris Wright knew they wanted to adopt long before they married. After raising two biological daughters, then three and six years old, Rebecca and Chris decided the timing was finally right.

The Wright’s journey was not easy. After three years waiting working with another agency, Rebecca and Chris began to lose faith in the process. Luckily, before calling it quits, they turned to Arms Wide Adoption Services. They took a chance on a different agency, one who promised to be there every step of the way.

“Adopting from foster care is a challenge, but having someone on your side is essential to making it a success,” Rebecca said. “I truly believe Arms Wide Adoption Services wants the best for each family. It’s not just a job for them, and you can tell by every action they make.”

Finding Aaron

After attending eight adoption festivals, where you can meet children waiting to be adopted, Rebecca and Chris were not excited when Arms Wide Adoption Services sent a flyer for another festival in October. But something inside pushed them to attend.

After walking around the adoption festival and reading profiles of children there, Rebecca and Chris thought it was another dead end. Then, Rebecca noticed a lanky kid with glasses and a bandaged wrist. He was laughing and shooting basketballs one-handed. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew he was special.

“I asked my husband, ‘What about that kid?’” Rebecca said. “To which my husband lovingly replied, ‘That guy is like 20.’”

Rebecca and Chris journeyed back to the child profiles and found him. His name was Aaron, and he was 17 years old. As they were talking with his caseworker, Aaron came
up to ask her to hold his jacket. Before he could go back to playing basketball, she said, “Wait! These people want to talk to you.”

“His exact heartbreaking words were, ‘You want to talk to me?’” Rebecca said. “I shot my husband a look, which said I was already invested. Aaron sat down with us, and we chatted for two solid hours.”

Rebecca and Chris were impressed by Aaron’s openness and self-awareness. They immediately became excited about the opportunity to be his parents. The Monday following the event, Rebecca called Arms Wide Adoption Services to express interest in adopting Aaron.

“Then, we waited. One week. Two weeks. Three weeks. Nothing.” Rebecca said. “The phone rang, it was Arms Wide Adoption Services. Our worker called to tell us Aaron’s caseworker didn’t think adoption was a good fit. They suggested we mentor instead.”

Fighting For Aaron

Rebecca’s heart shattered. She knew Aaron meant to be with them. Over the next 15 weeks, Rebecca and Chris kept Aaron on their minds, and they continued to fight for him any chance they got. For Christmas, they purchased gifts for Aaron and delivered them to his caseworker. Rebecca and Chris wanted to show Aaron’s caseworker they could be the parents he deserves.

With a prior failed adoption and 17 placements, Aaron’s caseworker was excited and hopeful for him, but time was running out. Aaron’s 18th birthday was just six months away. His caseworker expedited a review for Aaron and The Wright Family. The next weekend, they were able to have their first visit.

“I was terrified my first intuition may have been wrong, but thankfully it wasn’t, and the conversation was natural,” Rebecca said.

Finally A Wright

Two days later, Rebecca and Chris picked up Aaron, so he could meet their daughters, who were instantly in love. Five days later, Aaron moved in. There were ups and downs, but they slowly worked through each one. Rebecca and Chris quickly realized Aaron didn’t need someone to tell him what to do. He needed someone to listen. Months passed, and the Wright family embraced life with Aaron. He started doing well in school, got his driving permit, secured a job, and asked if he could change his last name to theirs. On May 28, 2019, two months from his 18th birthday, his wish became a reality.

Now, Rebecca and Chris Wright want families to know adoption is accepting someone with no expectations, and letting them grow at their own pace.

“Our initial age limit was 13,” Rebecca said. “Don’t be afraid to look beyond your original thoughts. Remember where these kids came from and how a loving home can overcome many things.”

2019 Adoptive Parents of the Year

In October 2019, Rebecca and Chris Wright were selected as adoptive parents of the year for their commitment to Aaron and the adoption from foster care process. Read more about their tremendous honor here.