Our Team

Andrea Montgomery headshot. She is seated on a park bench by greenery.

Andi Montgomery

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter

As the WWK Recruiter, Andi Montgomery works directly with kids who are legally free for adoption, building trust-based relationships and searching for each child’s forever family through child-based recruitment.

Why I started with Arms Wide:

I have always had a heart for foster care/adoption and knew I wanted to work with youth, providing them with the support and consistency they need. When I found Arms Wide, it was the perfect opportunity to use my knowledge and skills in a way that gives back to my city and helps children and families thrive.

My favorite part about my job:

Being able to hear people’s stories and help them find their forever family. I get to be a point of positivity and connection for youth.

My least favorite part:

Learning the difficult or painful parts of a child’s story.

More about me:

I’m an avid reader and writer who loves spoken word poetry. My favorite way to spend free time is outdoors, under the sun, or in a cozy coffee shop.

Ask me about:

Houseplant care, book recommendations, and how to make the perfect smoothie bowl.

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