Our Team

Danny Grigsby, MBA

Kinship Home Developer/Navigator

As the Kinship Home Developer/Navigator, Danny is responsible for supporting families looking to adopt or foster as a kinship home and aiding them in becoming licensed to provide a safe, loving, and familiar home environment for children they have a current relationship with.

Why I started with Arms Wide:

As someone who has grown up in foster care and was adopted into a safer home environment as a young child, I have been dedicated to supporting the betterment of youth since 2012, especially those in low-income and underdeveloped environments. I love the mission of Arms Wide and the direction we are moving in the child-welfare arena.

My favorite part about my job:

Being part of a team that supports each area of the organization to ensure the safety of children in the child welfare system as best as we can.

My least favorite part:

Not being able to help every situation that involves children/teenagers having a need for a loving and stable home.

More about me:

I graduated with a triple major BBA of Management, Entrepreneurship, and General Business from Lamar University and with my MBA in Management from Lamar University. I am a creative individual that plays piano, sings, and writes music. I also used to teach dance, act in musicals, and perform (hip-hop, ballet, and contemporary) throughout college in addition to coaching little league soccer on the side.

Ask me about:

My experience living in 3 European countries and my 2 dogs that I love so much.

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