The Doyle Family – Part Four of Four

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Post Adoption

The Love, Laughs, and Lost Memories

Now, you can find The Doyle Family enjoying the park, board games, reading books, and watching movies. They attend church every Sunday and have a fun family day and rest after church. You can find everyone tending to their favorite pets, which include a dog named Bacon, two hamsters, and three lizards. Olivianna has found a love for ballet, while Joshua focuses on karate. The kids’ activities keep everyone very busy, but they always take time for quality time with one another.

Arms Wide Adoption Services works with The Doyle Family through our Post Adoption Program. Heather and David reached out to us when they noticed Olivianna was having a harder time focusing in school. They immediately got connected with Sharon Carter, one of our Post Adoption caseworkers, who has been helpful in connecting The Doyle Family with the resources needed to help Olivianna address some of her earlier memories.

When asked what advice Heather has for other potential foster or adoptive parents, she said:

“Take it one day at a time. Make lists of everything you must do and take it one thing at a time. If you think about everything to do, you will get overwhelmed and not enjoy the growth and special moment. It is a journey, and it will change your life. You must be ready for it! Be thankful for everything that happens along the way. A grateful heart will open the door to hope when challenges come and peace to keep you strong. Be patient. Know that your purpose is to love and provide nurture and structure, so get your heart ready and yourself ready with rest and read great books like The Connected Child and Peaceful Parenting.”

Thank You, Doyle Family!

To The Doyle Family… Thank you! We know sharing your adoption journey is not easy. There were moments of sadness, fear, roadblocks, and waiting. But the triumphs and the beautiful family you have now was worth the wait. We are so grateful you have opened your home and hearts to adoption, and continue to do everything and more to support your kids and their adoption journeys.

So many cherished moments of love, laughs, faith, and the foreverness of family:

The Martin Family: The Positives Far Outweigh The Negatives

“Adoption is a choice that isn’t a very easy choice to make,” Rod admits. “You give up part of yourself, your life, and your current family when you make the leap to adopt.”

The Martin Family: The Positives Far Outweigh The Negatives

The Doyle Family - Part Three of Four

A year later, Heather and David received the call they had been hoping for! Heather and David chose to meet at their adoption agency’s office, as it was middle ground for them and the foster mom. Heather described the room as colorful and playful with a mural of the sea. There was also a huge fish tank. When the kids arrived, they raced toward the fish tank. Heather and David walked over to it with them and knelt down to talk about fish. They instantly connected and bonded over laughs and blown kisses to fish.

The Doyle Family - Part Three of Four