Game Night Improves Family Communication (Event Recap)

Event Recap: Game Night Improves Family Communication (July 28, 2023) Authentic communication is a constant challenge for families. Arms Wide’s Program Manager of Fort Bend Post Adoption and Post Permanency, Dr. Annette Williams, drew on her years of experience working with families to create a series of board games to help families navigate communication challenges.

Garbage Bags? Not for Kids in Foster Care

Children deserve more than garbage bags Last year, 9,623 children were removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, and sadly, most of them use garbage bags to transport their belongings. When children have to put their possessions in garbage bags, it sends the message that they do not matter. Entering foster care is

Foster & Adoption Family Game Nights

Foster & Adoption Family Game Nights Screens are all around us — social media, phones, iPads, and tv — and our schedules are busy with school, work and after-school activities. Sometimes, it can feel difficult for families to connect. Family game nights can be a great way to build trust, connect, and learn to communicate

Showing Up for LGBTQ+ Youth In Foster Care

Showing Up for LGBTQ+ Youth In Foster Care All children deserve a safe, nurturing permanent family that values who they are. Too often for LGBTQ+ youth in foster care, this is not a reality. LGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented in the child welfare system, and they face greater risk of negative outcomes compared to their cisgender

We Are Arms Wide

We Are Arms Wide If you ask five friends what “family” means to them, you will get five different answers. That’s because the word “family” means something different to everyone. We might think of our families as our safety net, our sense of belonging, our identity, or our unconditional love. Through our foster care, foster

Giving Back as an Eagle Scout

Giving Back as an Eagle Scout Leadership can come in many different forms. This is something that Zachary Garza, age 15, knows well. As a Life Scout (Kingsville, Texas, Troop 147), he is a model for community service. Arms Wide is fortunate to be the beneficiary of his Eagle Scout project, taking place now through

Weighted Blankets to Calm Children

Volunteer Spotlight: Nichole Singer Weighted Blankets to Calm Children Nichole Singer started volunteering with Arms Wide in 2018 in a unique way: she makes weighted blankets for our children! After hearing about the need for weighted blankets for children who have experienced trauma, she knew this was something she could do as an avid quilter.

Has Thanks Left Thankfulness?

Has Thanks Left Thankfulness? By: Annette Williams, Ph.D., LPC, RPT, CAS, NCC Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  Stores are preparing for Black Friday, customers wait in anticipation for the perfect holiday deals, families debate over where to host Thanksgiving; and hold discussions regarding a vegan holiday or the traditional turkey. What joy or

Art Therapy Strengthens Families

Art Therapy Strengthens Families Julie Riley is a licensed therapist who has a unique way of building relationships with families: art therapy. She has held sessions with Arms Wide’s Post Adoption and Post Permanency Programs and incorporates art in her own practice as a licensed counselor. In this spotlight, Julie shares her perspective of how