From Mentor to Motherhood

From Mentor to Motherhood: The Bolling Family Spotlight Kenyetta Bolling always knew she had motherly instincts. She came from a community-oriented family and has played the role of mentor, auntie, and godmother. So when she came to a point in her life that she realized she was not going to have biological children, she decided

Becoming Forever Parents

Becoming Forever Parents: The Phan Family Chiara and Tim Phan considered foster care adoption even before they were married. They saw it as a way to grow their own family while helping other families along the way. Their friend adopted from Arms Wide, and after hearing about their positive experience, Chiara and Tim decided to

Green Family: Leaning on My Village

Green Family Spotlight: Leaning on My Village Aronda first considered adoption after battling infertility issues. When she heard good things about Arms Wide from a colleague, she took the first step by attending an Arms Wide information meeting. From the very beginning, Aronda shared her decision to adopt as a single mom with those around

Keeping Children at the Center

The Fontenot Family: Keeping Children at the Center In this Family Spotlight, Audrey and Nicholas Fontenot share their journey of adoption through foster care and their approach of keeping children at the center. Adoption had always been on their hearts when they thought about growing their family. Both Audrey and Nicholas were adopted as children,

Open Mind, Open Heart

The Couch Family: Open Mind, Open Heart Dewayne Couch, a single father, recently adopted teenagers Evan and Jacob. In this Family Spotlight, Dewayne shares his journey to adoption from foster care and why he chose to adopt teenagers. Beginning the Journey When Dewayne decided to start a family, adoption was already on his mind. He

Becoming a Family

The Weavers: Becoming a Family Roselyn and Brandon Weaver always knew they wanted to adopt a child. When they heard about Arms Wide Adoption Services from one of Brandon’s coworkers, they decided to attend an Arms Wide information meeting. After that meeting, they began their long journey of becoming a family of four—with not just

The Pelts: “We are Jordyn’s Village”

The Pelt Family, Part 2: We Are Jordyn’s Village RaKeesha and Andrew Pelt first came to know Arms Wide through RaKeesha’s sorority sister, who had a good experience with the agency. After much prayer and thought, they decided adoption was best for growing their family, so they adopted Cameron in 2020 (read Part 1 of

The Bradford Family: “This is Forever”

Deciding to Adopt Emily and Trey Bradford have several family members who were adopted, so the idea of adoption has always been in the back of their minds. When they struggled to have biological children, they started to consider adoption seriously as a way of growing their own forever family. “I was tired of wanting

The Pelt Family: “Everything Just Fell Into Place”

The Pelt Family’s journey to adoption was not a straight path. They realized along the way that they needed to have patience to persevere through the setbacks they experienced. Now that their family is fulfilled, they believe all life’s curve balls were meant to be. Beginning the Adoption Journey Andrew and RaKeesha had been married